Dear Friends,

Life’s experiences have led me to a place and an age where I know what keeps me feeling like the best me. Health, Happiness, Love, and Abundance (HHLA) are the four values that I focus on to help me keep my life balanced from the inside and outside. Choosing these core values to guide my life has challenged me to look at many things differently. This philosophy has provided a perspective for me to evaluate my day-to-day routines and begin to understand my own life’s purpose.

You see, ever since I was a young girl growing up in the Philippines, I have struggled with my reflection in the mirror. From a young age, I was teased about my appearance by my classmates, my cousins, and even my own mother. These people made comments that led me to believe I was not beautiful. As I became a teenager, I struggled with acne. I was teased because of my curly hair, my eyes, my dark skin and even my large breasts….it seemed that I just did not fit the mold of what was considered beautiful in my native country.

When creating the concept of Makana and its core values, I wanted to be able to use it as a way to share myself with others. It is my way of sharing what I have learned about beauty and health and, even more importantly, about living a fulfilling heart-felt life and accepting my own uniqueness. My approach towards wellness and happiness is by the conscious effort of using Mindful Thought followed by Present Action.

A good example is the fact that I don’t just take care of my skin every morning and evening--I look closely at my face and I make a choice to like the things I see in a positive, forgiving light. I use my skin care routine to stop for a moment and block out all the buzz around me --almost my own form of meditation. I use this quiet, alone time to think about what my actions say about my emotions. I think about how my emotions affect what I am doing and how what I am thinking shapes my future.

Taking the time to think about the exchange between what I choose to do and how it really makes me feel helps me to figure out what in my life is truly aligning with what’s important, and what is not in alignment. It helps me find little irritations in my life that keep popping up so I can turn the page on them. It helps me see that, sometimes, I’m not looking at myself in a healthy or even a realistic way. This allows me to recognize that the way I am looking at myself and my actions are being influenced by the past or the future. This daily routine helps bring me into the present moment, where life really happens.

Makana is about living in the present moment and celebrating the gift of your own uniqueness. Our focus is on creating a new inner space for people to seek truth and knowledge in a world that tends to place too much emphasis on how things look from the outside, not what’s inside.

We want to break through the limiting belief systems that keeps us from seeing the abundance the world has to offer and the beauty that resides in all of us. We want to begin a whole-person approach into the world of skin care and nutrition. Our goal is to connect our customers with health, beauty, and research in new ways. We are committed to delivering the best products and the latest information. We are driven by the right choices for the environment around us.

There is no other way for me to live my life than to celebrate the four things I have already mentioned above: health, happiness, love and abundance. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be me. The core products at Makana focus on the beauty of the largest organ we have, our skin. Your skin is a major source of exchange with our world, right down to the cellular level, and a very unique part of how we feel and look.

My skin, my body and my health are like no one else’s, and as familiar as they are to me, they change a little every day. The face of Makana is one of health, happiness, love, and abundance, always seeking truth and integrity with a curious and open mind.

I am thrilled to watch us grow together and seek out new ways toward a happier, fulfilling and more beautiful life.

I am also honored that you took the time to connect with me by reading my words.

And above all, remember… you are loved.

Johna A. Elgie, Founder/CEO